The Minch Family

The Minch Family are classless assholes. Picky, as the youngest son, isn’t so bad, because he hasn’t been alive long enough to be indoctrinated. But Aloysius Minch and Lardna Minch, are all serving, two-faced jackasses.

Classless really is the word. Like, how classless would you have to be to accuse a kid’s dad of welching on his debts? Especially if that kid lives next door and just rescued your son from an uncertain fate?

And way to make me doubt my father! I always assumed my allowance came from the bad guys I defeated in combat.

And way to be purposefully ignorant of your place in the world and of what’s going on in your husband’s mind, Mrs. Minch.

Y’know what? I think Buzz Buzz, a noble and dignified creature from the future, was not killed by the flabby hand on Mrs. Minch, but by her sheer lack of class.

Giygas is a long way off. Right now, these people, standing opposed to everything I stand for – are the closest to villains that we’ve met.

God, what negative, loveless people. They probably just don’t like living next to a loving family like mine.

Ha ha, yeah, Mom! I love it when my mom hates people that I hate, too.

Also, dig this trivia I found.

His name [Aloysius Minch] is most likely a reference to Atticus Finch, the character from To Kill A Mockingbird. Strangely, compared to Atticus, his personality is completely different.

In the Japanese version of Mother 2, when Ness takes Pokey and Picky home, Aloysius takes his sons upstairs to punish them by spanking them. In the English version, he takes Pokey and Picky upstairs, but does not spank them. Instead, Pokey says that his dad isn’t letting him have dessert for the rest of the decade.

If you enter Pokey’s house directly after the meteor crash, both Pokey’s parents are not in the house. Picky tells Ness that they went out to an elegant restaurant.

Man, screw the Minches.

EDIT (7/27): Another lovely bit about the Minches in this great piece.

To begin with, you get a peek early on into the home life of your rival and neighbor, Pokey. His father, rendered clearly even by the limited graphics as a portly, perhaps ursine man, audibly strikes his children off-screen. Later he talks about how much money he has loaned your family. Pokey’s mother defends her husband adamantly and then murders the bee-guardian sent back from the future to protect you. The entire thing, right down to the nightmare-circus music that plays while you are inside their house, is a harrowing picture of suburban hell.

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