Yatta, the Achievement Tracker

Just what you need to game-ify your next field trip, reception, scavenger hunt, bachelor party - any soiree you can think of!

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Make a list of tricky and/or whimsical achievements that you want your guests to complete at your scavenger hunt, wedding reception, or company outing, and send it to Team Yatta.

Check out some example achievements.


Team Yatta will get you everything you need - your Yatta event, the hashtag your guests need to access it, and guidance throughout the process.

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With the Yatta app, guests can participate in friendly competition, share their feats online, and capture the good times from multiple angles.

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What makes a Yatta event?

Your achievements.
Your guests can accomplish these achievements during your event and take photos of them. Here are some ideas.

A #hashtag
This will act as the code word that give your guests access, and the tag that your guests can use to share it on social media.

Contact us with your achievement list, hashtag, and the place/time of your event. We can give you a quote, and get started on your event! If you need ideas for your list or hashtag, we can help.

Events with fewer than 10 achievements start at $5.99.

The app
With the hashtag, you can complete your achievements and upload them to the event gallery. Use it to engender competition amongst your guests or to document the event from multiple angles.

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