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A Simple Household Task List

This app lets multiple users with the same account easily share a task list. It makes use of a RESTful-style PHP API to sync tasks between devices. Efficient multithreading syncs local data with an online database, storing failed URL requests when device connectivity may be inconsistent.

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The Shakespeare Monologue Database

All of the monologues from Shakespeare's comedies, tragedies, and histories in your hand. A robust search engine lets you filter texts by style, length, gender, character, action, and content. Save and edit your favorites to practice with. Scrollable text with variable size make this an ideal audition tool.

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How Yorick Works


The Achievement Tracker

A way to make any live event into an augmented reality game. Use Yatta to provide your guests with a lists of achievements, and they'll prove they've accomplished them by uploading photos to the event gallery. Add friendly competition to any gathering.

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History Lessons

The Rude, Ruthless Trivia Game

Based on the RoxLabs podcast, History Lessons assaults the player with challenging questions on topics ranging from ancient mythologies to Disney-based war strategies. Even if you lose, enjoy being trash-talked by the fully-voiced in-game competitors.

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